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Who/What is
The Produce Aisle?

The Produce Aisle is

Lorene J. Anderson, a producer and artist

ready for anything creative, interesting, or fun! 

More about Lorene

With experience on both sides of the mic and mixing console, Lorene brings 20+ years of songwriting to every production. As a touring and recording artist before stepping into sound production, she is the tuba player and vocalist in The Duke of Uke & His Novelty Orchestra; sang at the premiere of Norwegian composer Kim André Arnesen’s “Requiem” at Carnegie Hall, and was voice-trained by Rene Grant Williams who is known for being vocal coach to Miley Cyrus and the Dixie Chicks. She embraces quirky projects, blending them with her life-long love of straightup pop music to create original productions that are accessible and authentic.

She joined The Songwriting Academy as a student in 2021 and has since collaborated with artists around the world as a co-writer, recording performer and producer. Through the Platinum program, she has worked with the incredible mentoring team to hone her craft--Sie Medway-Smith, Vincent Corver, Rob Wells, Jeff Franzel, Kevin Mcove, Larry Dvoskin, and all the incredible award-winning musicians and producers on the TSA team.

Her YouTube channel is where she gleefully shares her journey of learning sound production, as if she were talking to her 16-year old self just learning production. Her videos and livestreams aim to encourage, inspire and educate people--always approaching with the beginner's mind that there is always more to learn, and never being afraid to show it’s ok to stumble through the process of art-making. Getting things finished and out there is a special focus of encouragement for Lorene--her philosophy is that finished art is never bad art, no matter what anyone says about it!

Contact The Produce Aisle! 

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