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On Changing My Name and Really Slow Gratification

I realized that having a 7-word-long band name made for a metadata tagging nightmare, so, paring it down to just The Produce Aisle. Plus I'm working on so many cool collabs with people from all over the world and it just felt a little too distracting to say the whole dang thing and yeah, simplicity is good.

I have been deep into my learning and training with The Songwriting Academy--it has rocketed my writing and production skills ahead LIGHT YEARS holy smokes! In a masterclass by songwriting hall of famer Sharon Vaughn, she said "in order to be in this business, you have to have the innocence of a child and the nerve of a warrior". I am feeling that so hard. It's easy to look at all the music that's out there, all the successful musicians and composers out there doin' it and say "gee I'll never get there, I should just stop" but I can't stop so might as well change my mind and keep merrily stumbling on doing what I love. Paddy Byrne, in one of his classes said in the music business, people get frustrated because they are looking for instant gratification in an industry that does not offer it. This is a slow burn, people. We keep writing, keep building up our works, and you never know what will happen 10 years down the road.

This happened to my band, The Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra! We recorded a brilliant album (listen here: released it without any real roll-out plan except a big party in our hometown. We were happy, everyone felt great about it. That year, a friend of "The Duke", approached Dave about using "The Spider Suite" in her film. That friend was Nina Paley, of Sita Sings The Blues fame. Dave said--without consulting the rest of us--"Yeah! Sure you can use it!" We were kinda mad about it cuz we knew that there should have been a proper sync fee and all that but oh well, sigh, moving on. We pretty much stopped being a cohesive unit after album as people moved towns, got jobs and families n such. Fast forward 8 years or so and our bass player, Sarah Cramer (of Maps of The Midwest) noticed that Nina Paley's video on YouTube, had over a million views. She checked our CD Baby account and we had money in there from all the YouTube content ID streams!!! Enough to do some more recording, pay our taxes for the band company, and even a little to payout! No we didn't get rich but it was such a confirmation of work well done, so so encouraging.

So I'm going to write like crazy. Produce like crazy. And know that good things are coming :)

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