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New adventure: Songs

I have been working on building a niche production business within my production work to write custom songs, and the new website is live now at

I'm focusing on working with wedding planners and possibly funeral directors to write special custom songs for special people in special moments. It's all very special and I am LOVING IT! Being able to hear a couple's story and transcribe the emotion into a song just about them is so gratifying and happy. I wrote one for my friends' 8th wedding anniversary, she wanted it to sound like The Cardigans. Turned into a catchy little thing called "Coffee Always Means I Love You"--I should pitch it to Folgers, haha!

This week I just finished and delivered a song for my friend's sister's celebration of life memorial service. I never had the pleasure of meeting her sister in person, but how incredible it was to "meet" her through the shared stories and memories. Being able to write her a beautiful and uplifting song felt like a healing ministry, and is a gift that can be shared to help all who grieve her.

These may be some of the most meaningful pieces of music I have ever created and I am so grateful. We don't even know how much we need a song until it is happening, until we feel the power of it washing over us and knitting our hearts back together. Music is real magic in this world.

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