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Press Release for I AM OK

Inappropriate Sexual Thoughts In The Produce Aisle to Release New EP on November 20, 2021

(NEW ORLEANS)—Nov. 2021 — New indie electro-pop project, Inappropriate Sexual Thoughts In The Produce Aisle, announced the release of a new three-song EP, I AM OK, available November 20 on all major platforms. Produced, recorded, written and performed by Lorene Anderson, this is her debut solo project—quite a shift from her role as singer and tuba player in Champaign-Urbana's nostalgic pop-rock ensemble, The Duke of Uke & His Novelty Orchestra.

I AM OK has three new songs written and recorded between December of 2020 and September 2021. The songs are uptempo dance floor slammers—surprising for being about the loss of identity and meaning in pandemic times. If Lady Gaga and Beck threw a neon-retro themed post-COVID dance party, this would be on the playlist for sure.

“It started as a fake Barbie-band a year and a half ago, and then I moved to New Orleans and it got real. Everything crazy and delightful is possible here, even in a pandemic,” said Anderson. She went on to say, “It’s hugely empowering to be my own producer, and I wish more women-musicians would make that leap. It’s a field that needs more lady-types.”

More about Inappropriate Sexual Thoughts In The Produce Aisle and Lorene can be found on her website, www.Produce.Band.


I AM OK Tracklist

  1. Plastic People

  2. Lotta Nonsense

  3. How To Be Real

Additional Information

Produced, recorded and performed by Lorene Anderson in Hastings, NE and New Orleans, LA. 2020-2021.

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